How To Make More Online Savings When You Shop


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We’re all well aware than shopping online saves you time and money, but are you doing everything in your power to make more savings when you shop online? Many of us don’t, simply because we don’t know it can be done.

If you’ve already started using voucher codes to score great deals and massive discounts online, that’s all well and good, but we can make it even better because there are actually multiple ways you can save. Here’s how you can stack up on savings when you shop online!

Compare prices first.

When you shop online, the first thing to do is to look for the item you want and see how much it costs on different retail sites so you have an idea about its base price. You can visit seller websites individually, check listings on shopping aggregation sites or use a price checker tool to find the best price.

Don’t forget to factor in the delivery charges–some sites may have your item at a slightly higher price but are offering free shipping. Price comparison may take up a few minutes of your time but it will be worth it once you land yourself the best deals online.

Use discount codes.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of retailers, the next thing to accomplish is getting voucher codes to give you further discounts on products. Take a look at the retailers on your list and do a web search of available discount codes for them. You can also look for discount codes on voucher sites that collect all of the active codes for a particular brand or retailer. Make sure you use a discount code that will apply to the retailer and item you want and that it’s valid at the time of purchase. One place worth trying for extra discounts on UK purchases is Total Discounts. A great place to save.

Join cashback programmes.

Cashback programmes basically give you the opportunity to earn cash on every online purchase. There are a number of sites offering cashback schemes, and joining is free. There are even browser add-ons or plug-ins that you can install to let you know that the store you’re browsing falls under the programme.

Depending on the item and the store, you can get up to 40 percent cash, which would automatically be entered into your account. You can use your collected cash to buy other items online or have it sent to your bank account.

Sign up for loyalty points.

Another way to make more savings when you shop online is to sign up for loyalty points, which works in a similar manner to cashback programmes. If you’re a frequent customer of a particular retail site, you can earn loyalty points each time you purchase. The number of points you earn would depend on how much you spend, which means the more you buy or the higher the amount you pay, the more points you earn.

The points may have an equivalent amount in cash, which you can use toward future purchases. When you’ve collected enough points, you can even get to buy stuff without having to spend a penny! Customers registered in the loyalty programme are also entitled to exclusive discounts on items, so signing up is definitely a great way to save more money shopping online.